Saving Grace

In Cadillac, Volvo on May 26, 2011 at 7:51 am

Meet the remarkable Volvo C30. Of all the cars we’ve owned in recent

years this has been the most disappointing.

The high output diesel engine 180 bhp, and a bucket load of torque

looked good on paper, but hid something a test drive couldn’t uncover.

Ridiculously poor fuel economy.

We had our beautiful C30 for two years and just over 20,000 miles.

It came from a Stratstone dealership in Plymouth, and was bought at a

snip.  £15,000 with 50 miles on the clock, which surprised us as we were only really in Plymouth to go to the theatre.  The reason for the incredible “offer” became apparent just 2 weeks later when the place shut down.

The SAVING GRACE?  Well firstly there was that incredibly good deal when we bought it, and secondly when we traded it in against the Cadillac it hardly lost any money.  We got £13250, having lost just £1,750 over 2 years, that’s good, very good.

The other down sides were, the growly engine, hard ride, cheap interior plastics, all those addenda made it difficult to wash.  The rear boot cover was a horrid piece of plastic and useless unless you had two free hands.  Fuel economy was pathetic, with 40 mpg on only two tanks, and a normal average of between 30-35.  Not what we had hoped.

The upsides were, Roz loved it.  It would get from Devon to London and back on one tank of fuel, and would seat 4 in total comfort.

Why did I get rid of it?

Well the Cadillac took my fancy, and somehow the car never lived up to those pretty looks.


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