Four hundred quid, four months and forlorn.

In Volvo on June 7, 2011 at 6:40 am

The guy on reception joked, “You should buy my Volvo”.

“Do me a favour!, why would I want to buy your Volvo?”

A short time later I was persuaded to take the wheel of car I had utterly despised whilst it was in production, and guess what?  I found it absolutely wonderful.

A few days later I bought what was an almost showroom condition 240 GL auto to act our company delivery wagon.  It came complete with a tow bar, and best of all a full length HUMUNGOUS Webasto cloth roof.

Inside there were legendary Volvo seats, all covered in a sumptuous blue velour. How I wish that was still an option on modern cars, it’s far better than leather.

The only thing which didn’t appear to work was the heating on the seats, but other than this 3 speed auto was “a good ‘un”.

I never once got an mpg figure in 20s, and neither could I get anywhere near the magic “ton”.  However it was a fantastic antidote to modern potholed roads.  There were no low profile tyres, no silly bling wheels and bumps were absorbed without a hint of disturbance inside the cabin.

Performance was quite simply the worst of any car I’ve owned, but somehow the supreme comfort and sense of well being made this a mere trifle.

The back seats folded flat, the roof rails accepted a £25 set of roof bars from Trago and I found I could deliver fake chimneys, tow huge Grp lift pit liners and save on van hire brilliant.

It sounds so good, but why did I get rid of it?

Until one day going down Haldon Hill towards Exeter I appeared to lose all drive.  A quick call to an independent Volvo specialist in Bovey confirmed my worst fears. The auto box was beyond repair.

I could either scrap the car, or buy a new unit for £1500.  Gradually I coaxed my lovely Volvo into the knackers yard on Marsh Barton.  I was given £50 for my trouble, and as I walked away a fork scooped it up into the air ready for crushing!

Four hundred pounds, four months and four thousand miles. Forlorn.

What a shame it all had to end.


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