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New Addition to the Fleet

In Hyundai on August 11, 2011 at 11:19 pm

At 11:00pm this evening this Sonata was added to the Biggs fleet.

For only the second time since 1995 I’ve actually bought a car privately, rather than through a trader or franchised dealer.

The plan is to run it as a relaxing tourer as my Cornish Coast Path walks run further and further away from home, and then after a few months pass it on to my eldest son.

I first drove a Sonata back in 2006 when I had a bright red Hyundai V6 Coupe.  I remember finding it accomplished, but not that exciting.  Back then I was trying out a 2.0 litre oil burner, but this time I have parted with cash for a 2.4 litre petrol auto.

There’s a scrape on the front bumper, and the vanity mirror light on the driver’s side doesn’t work. It’s got air con, but not climate control, leather but no electric adjustment, and a total absence of any service history!

On the plus side, it is £750 less than “book”, has what appears to be a genuine 11,358 miles on the clock, good tyres, a new battery and a full size spare.  The MOT runs to January 2012, and the tax until the end of June 2012.  At £3,250 I’d call that a bargain.

The big saloon has a comfy (but not sporting) ride, reasonable turn of speed and clocks 31 mpg on the odometer.

I’m looking forward to finding out if it is possible to enjoy motoring on a tight budget.

I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE : November 2013

Well this one is still going strong. My son has added 25,000 miles since then. I only get to drive it once in a while, but this evening I appreciated the powerful headlights, comfy seats, but wondered if the ride was a bit more crash than I recall.

In terms of reliability this, and my 3.3 V6 Sonata both suffered sticking central loving on one rear door, and this one need several mechanics before the slow fuelling issue was resolved.