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How did they ever sign this off? The Renault Twizy

In Renault on May 28, 2012 at 7:19 pm

Today I popped my Sonata in for a major service at the local Renault/Hyundai franchise, whilst I was there I took a look at the new Renault Twizy electric “car”.

In my heart of hearts this was one new vehicle I really wanted to like.

It’s a bold attempt to create a niche market (good), and I really like the funky name.

And then I sat in one.

Oh dear.

This machine seems to have come from the same mould as disastrous machines like the Ford Scorpio,Morris Ital, and Fiat Argenta.

It’s just plain awful.

I’m only 5ft 10 and half inches tall, and sitting in the drivers seat my eyes were staring at the screen header rail, and drab black roof.

How can a giant automotive company like Renault make such a preposterous mistake?  To their credit Bristol Street Motors in Exeter have sold two of these doorless wonders for over £7000, but it’s an awful lot of money.  Despite reading press articles and watching You Tube clips I couldn’t believe how small it was.

Outside on the forecourt were pre-reg hatchbacks with doors and real engines for less than a well specced Twizy.

Look what happened to Ford’s large car sales after they ditched the Granada.  They totally dried up.  Galaxy apart Ford in Europe were never able to take on BMW, Audi, or Mercedes.  They quite simply shot themselves in the foot.

Morris ignored reports slating the Marina, and thought that adding rectangular headlights and changing it’s name would suffice.  To cap it all they also offered hideous colours.  Where are Morris today?  The only one’s I ever see are outside pubs dancing with hankies.

The Argenta.  You don’t remember it do you?  This monstrosity replaced the reasonably successful 132, again by adding rectangular headlights and nifty sun visors.  To add interest they jacked the whole thing up to make it look like a machine from American destruction derby.  That killed the handling, and do you know they killed their mid-range car sales overnight.