Nissan Cute?

In Uncategorized on July 7, 2012 at 11:55 pm

If you could look at our last Nissan without seeing the 2005 plate you’d think this cute little car was just entering production.  It looks just as fresh now as it did when we bought the local demonstrator rather than wait 2 months for a new one.

Actually it has been replaced by a far uglier version which lost all the fabulous bakelite switch gear and in one fell swoop alienated this model’s key attraction.  Desirability.  The new model offers low emissions, and even Sat Nav.

But if I look back to 2005 just what did we get for or money?  I think we paid out about £9,000 – £10,000.  I return we had a super colour scheme, flash alloys, and pretty nifty acceleration from the 100 bhp engine.  Roz was the main driver, and to start with she really liked this, which had become our third Micra.

What let the car down was the poor service at JFE in Exeter, they couldn’t seem to tackle more than one warranty issue at a time and kept failing to sort out a rattle from the rear end.  I’m not sure if it was a wiper housing or something in the spare wheel well, but it sure did irritate us.

The top speed was 108mph, but I’m not sure we ever got anywhere near that figure as the engine was oh so noisy, and desperately needed a 6th gear and better sound proofing.  At 50-60 mph I would often reach for another gear, only to realise I was already in top.  friends had the 1.4, which was jet as bad. I can’t imagine how noisy the 1.2 must have been.

The suspension was very hard, but worse than that were the seats.  On short runs you’d hardly notice it, but on anything over 30 minutes you’d really start to get back ache.  That was why we finally ditched in favour of the Volvo C30, it was really playing havoc with my wife’s back.

I recently had a go in a 1.6 CC Micra, as I thought our son might like one.  I did about 800 yards in it and thought, “No thanks” and returned it to the dealer.

Our better runs gave us 40 mpg, which was OK for a warm hatch, but nothing special.

Why the 160Sr name?  Apparently it denoted a 1600 unit production run per annum.  Or was that the salesman talking cod’s wallop?


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