Deal or no deal?

In Uncategorized on July 21, 2012 at 9:30 pm

I’ve been buying new or nearly new cars for the last 11 years.

Sometimes I find that with a little research, and help from within the trade it’s possible to get a good deal.

Our Civic Type “S” arrived at Speedwell Honda covered in plastic, one of the last to be made.  I’d been out in what was then the new shape version, which featured the split screen back end, and futuristic dashboard.  I drove three just too make sure I was getting the right  model.

A few days later I turned up at the dealership with my wife ready to sign on the dotted line, and be one of the first to own the snazzy new hatchback. As you do I asked for one last drive (just to be sure) and also to make sure Roz was happy with my decision.  We’d only done a few miles and Roz was adamant we shouldn’t buy one.

The hard ride was playing havoc with her back, and it was even affecting her speech.  I was gutted, but there no way I was going to be buying a car we couldn’t travel in together.

So I thought I’d see if there were and Sat Nav edition “old spec” Civics left in the country.  Rather conveniently Speedwell had a Nighthhawk Black demonstrator which seemed just perfect, except it already had 7000 on the clock, and I fancied something brand new.

The South african salesman was a thoroughly nice bloke so we reluctantly agreed to take it anyway, but then I had a phone call from a chap at Trident Honda Weybridge saying he could source a brand new one for way less money.  Back at Speedwell they “miraculously” also found the car on the Honda UK stock List and agreed to the sale at a lower price.

Bingo.  A deal was (eventually) done.

After the plush V70 with a diesel engine the Honda felt completely different.  Firstly there was no low down power, but a rev-tastic 2.0 litre, firm ride and manual box to snick up and down.  The car wasn’t a paragon of Honda reliability however.  The service department couldn’t get my Sony Erikkson mobile to pair with the Honda aftermarket blue tooth, which was real nuisance.

But on a good “B” road the compact hatch was great fun, I’d often cane it between Crediton and Tiverton, and it always felt safe and communicative.  Pushed to limit downhill on a suitable road !!! mph would show on the speedo, but beyond three figures it was nowhere near as hushed as the big Volvo.

Mine had a hard life as a rep mobile cum delivery van, and the interior was scuffed up pretty badly within a few months (if we’d had the newer Civic the magic seats would have accommodated loads so much better.  One last memory.  The Sat Nav wasn’t much good, the database was well out of date, and inputting an address was rather fiddly.

If you weren’t bothered by toys, or carrying junk this Civic would make a fine used buy.


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