Triumph Herald

In Uncategorized on July 29, 2012 at 7:46 pm

One of my son’s old school friends got married yesterday. I always liked her as she was a genuine sort of girl, always smiling, and always working.  She’s training to be a Doctor, but despite being very bright she still has her feet on the ground.

In an era when stretched limos, and flash BMWs get to whisk away the bride I was impressed that “Tree” took a totally different approach.

I find an open top British Classic rather classy. Triumphs used to be the sporty choice for the British motorists, long before the Japanese and European car invasion.

Most Triumphs were comfortable, beautiful, quick, and featured gorgeous interiors.

The Herald was poor man’s Vitesse, and was equipped with 4 cylinder engines in various states of tune, with the 13/60 being the quickest. It may have lacked two cylinders, but it also lacked that extra weight and could still serve up an exciting drive.

The leaf sprung rear end could load up and make the rear end hop, especially when provoked by rapid cornering and a sharp yank at the helm.  Many people will have one stand out memory of the Herald.  It had an extraordinarily tight turning circle. Where most cars would need a three point turn these things seemed to turn on a sixpence.

Autotrader list  a few at ext to nothing. Maybe I should get one!





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