4×4 Isuzu put to test

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2013 at 6:36 pm

IMG_9007When a friend rolled up on our drive with a brand new 4×4 it seemed like a chance to do a bit of Devon green laning.

If you add all the miles of roads in every county Devon comes out on top, and if you have an off road vehicle there’s even more opportunity to explore.

Green lanes are ancient rights of way, where in theory any motorist can take their vehicle.  In practice most are pretty inhospitable, and many are better suited to motorbikes than cars.

The last time I was in an Isuzu was at the ProDrive proving ground in Warwickshire where I got the chance to take a Rodeo off road, down into huge gullies, up over steep hills and perhaps the best bit of all, 100 yards through a two foot deep “lake”.

This Isuzu Utah was too new to risk serious abuse, but it clambered through the potholes without incident.  Inside we had leather upholstery, big screen Sat Nav and switchable transmission.  The lusty engine seemed remarkably quiet, and the interior space would shame most executive class cars.

Couple that with a 1050kg payload, and a secure “Truckman Top” and you’ve probably got the best value Pick Up on the UK market today.

Having said that I’d probably prefer a £26,000 hatchback, but come rain or shine the Isuzu D has a lot to offer.




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