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In Renault, Volvo on July 9, 2013 at 8:58 pm

photoHere’s the car gaining the most column inches in the mags right now.

The NEW Ford Fiesta ST 2.

I thought it might make a nifty replacement for our BMW 320 (which I’d love to move on, but my wife wants to keep).

What’s to like?

Swanson Ford for starters. A small “family” garage, so unlike the big chains on Marsh Barton.

I spoke to three of their staff, and Kerry Graham was switched on and likeable, somebody deserving one’s hard earned cash.

The manager was young, helpful and knew his onions too.

Despite it being tucked at the back of the forecourt, and covered in “transporter buffers” and plastic they let me out for an accompanied test drive.

Right from the off it felt superb.

Lovely controls, slick gearbox, and well balanced pedals.

Unlike the Toyota GT86 I tried a few week back this was pleasantly vocal, but not in a tiring way.  It felt way quicker too, at about £7,000 less.  Mind you it shared the Jap cars supple, but sporty suspension.

How do they do that?

I’m impressed.

What could I mark it down on?

Not much, Ford still persist in naff folding rear seats which look cheap from inside the boot and refuse to fold level with the boot floor.

That wacky orange wasn’t to my tastes, and maybe I’d prefer a 5 door (not available yet).

The Sat Nav was a bit Mickey Mouse, but good enough and not an expensive option.

I don’t think you can get cruise control, and wheras the equivalent Renault Clio only comes as an Auto this only comes as a manual.

Would I have one?


But would the “Mrs” take my Volvo cast off if I chopped in the 320?


I’m pleased report Swanson’s are doing well.

Two days later their ST2 was sold.

That’s three gone in as many weeks.

Not bad for a family business.

Not bad at all.