Avant any interest

In BMW, Cadillac on August 12, 2013 at 4:59 pm


A brand for the upwardly mobile.

The A4 is Ingolstadt’s answer to the class leading BMW 3 series.

Motoring mags continually berate the manufacturer for creating cars that are utterly boring to drive.

Push one hard and it’ll just understeer in protest.

Where the brand often scores is in showroom appeal.

When Ocean made rival brands available for test I took the opportunity of forming my own opinion.

Sadly I didn’t gel with the car at all.

I absolutely loved the big digital speedo readout (a conventional dial is also present), but other than that it left me stone cold.

photo copy 2

There are silver embellishments around the cam shaped dials, which unfortunately reflect in the side window!  Doh!

The Sat Nav was visible, but fairly small by modern standards, and somehow very dreary.  I was in a mid range 6 speed manual version, which lacked any sense of urgency when I hit the loud pedal.

I guess the engine was more refined than the gravelly Merc A Class oil burner, but really I just couldn’t get excited about this machine.

The boot was good, the “new car smell” was fine, but were’s the emotion?

photo copy

Don’t tell me that’s reserved for VAG group Seat brand.

If forced could I live with this car 5 years and 140,000 miles?  Probably, but it would only serve to expunge my love of motoring.

If you like boring quality and need a fairly spacious estate then pick an A4 Avant.

If you want to enjoy the journey of life then forget it.

For me “Okay” isn’t good enough.

I’d rather have my old Cadillac BLS than this teutonic facsimile of a motor car.




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