The Ultimate Driving Machine?

In BMW on August 12, 2013 at 8:10 pm

photo copy 3Take a pretty ugly car, add some fancy headlights, a more aggressive nose, silver mirror casings and what have you got?

A beautiful looking 1 Series BMW.

Not quite, but it looks the business.

After 15 minutes behind the wheel I felt unbelievably privileged to be given the key.

“What have I done to deserve this?

How is it that I’m able consider purchasing something this wonderful?”

Why was such a sense of well being seeping through my very pores?

I’ll tell you.

Just like the little Fiesta ST reviewed earlier this car talks to the driver.

Although the 320 bhp engine considerably out punches the Ford.

Press the accelerator and an orange light says the traction control is on, but you’d have to be ill not to sense it communicating through your backside.

We’re talking proper rear wheel drive, luscious amounts of creamy power and an awesome 8 speed auto.

The one I drove was wearing adaptive suspension, which ironed out the speed bumps, and made the drive a magic carpet experience.

The seats are comfy, but support in all the right places and the legendary iDrive is so much better than rival touch screen alternatives.  I really like the wide screen 3D view.

So it looks OK, accelerates well, can theoretically do 31-34 mpg it’s all beginning to look like an attractive proposition.

One last test.

How does it stop?

Take a a long straight road with no traffic and hit the brakes.

Wooo, it made me feel dizzy.

Way better than our old 135 coupe.

I think I can live with the fairly small capacity boot, but can I find the necessary cash?




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