BMW 125M Sport Diesel auto 5 dr

In BMW on November 3, 2013 at 4:56 pm

IMG_00000411As documented elsewhere on this site I’ve been looking to purchase a new shape 1 series 5 door.

Having tried the 135M Sport (sublime), and a 125 M Sport petrol it was time to try a derv version before making our final selection.

As soon as i took the wheel I scrolled through menu onto the mpg read-out.

40.7mpg so far in the first 2500 miles of its’ life.  Thirteen more than the petrol version on offer in Maidstone.

Out on the congested streets of Blackheath the oil burner didn’t seem particularly noisy, and the red seats looked gorgeous.

In the end it was a “problem” with the seats led us to choose the petrol version.


As much I like the idea of an economical hot hatch we didn’t fancy a cold backside during the winter months.  There aren’t many leather equipped BMWs without heat seating, sadly this was one of them.

A few moments after saying goodbye to Stephen James BMW we called Arden and paid our deposit.

If you fancy a 125D you won’t be disappointed, just make sure there’s a chance to heat your bum!


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