one thing thou lackest

In Uncategorized on November 3, 2013 at 9:03 am

IMG_00000405The BMW salesman thought we were mad, but I ignored him and went for a Kia test drive. Why not?  Badge snobbery isn’t my bag.

I’m glad we tried out the new C’eed.

Here’s what I’d call the stand out features.

Quality. The photos make it look a bit cheap and shiny, but the feel on the “3” model was just fine.

Warranty. Nobody comes close to the 7 years offered by the Korean marque.

Style.  In the right colour this is one very smart car.

Sat Nav. A nice big screen, even though this isn’t an executive car.

But to quote a greater man than I, “One thing thou lackest.”



The rich young ruler had too much money, and it ruined his prospects.

The Kia auto has just 133 bhp, and if you hit the loud pedal the smooth shifting box kicks down, and the engine emits a hideous din.

There is no corresponding increase in urge.

Had we been used to a noisy Daewoo Matiz this would have been the car for us.

Having been spoilt with multi cylinder beauties we decided to skip the Korean hatch.

If you are in the market for a Focus sized plodder I’d suggest this may be the best choice, and I bet the manual version is better still.

IMG_00000404 (1)


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