Winking Hyundai

In Hyundai on November 18, 2013 at 8:45 pm

IMG_00000521Here’s my interim motor.

Yet another Hyundai.  In some nations it wears the Sonata badge, but here it’s the i40.

It’s my 4th Korean car in 7 years.

What’s it like?


Big? Check.

Bland? Check.

Competent? Yup.

Anything else?

IMG_00000593 (1)Well before I answer that take a peek at the i40 wagon’s saloon predecessor.

That’s my son’s 2.4 auto on the drive.

Despite being 8 years older it looks infinitely better.

The newer car has a touch of the older model’s floatiness around corners, but feels far more planted.

It’s also got the “Blue” eco diesel engine that gives over 50 mpg.  Pretty much double what the petrol auto 2.4 returns.

On paper then the new car’s a winner!

Except it’s got the headrests make one’s neck uncomfortable.  I’m also less than impressed by the irritating electronic handbrake, and then there’s the boot.

It might have a vast load area, but it also has a big thick cill which makes getting stuff in and out rather awkward.

At night the headlights wink as you drive around country lanes.  Rather than “bending” to match the steering one set of lamps suddenly illuminate without warning.

I’d wouldn’t be surprised if this novel idea is illegal.

The i40 also features the first bluetooth pairing device that defies logic.  I had to read the manual to make it work, and even worse was to come when I tried to dial a number.

The voice recognition guarantees you call the wrong person every time.

Given the choice I’d pick the older design every time, although it never came here in an estate format.

In their desire to create a more European car the Koreans have made a bland bus.



I’ve now racked up over a thousand miles in our first week together, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Truth is, by shoving the headrest up high I can get comfortable.

Not only that, but I’m really enjoying my first manual gearbox since my 2011 Renault Wind.  The chassis may float, but all things considered I’m really liking this humungous machine.

I’d like a DAB radio, and an integrated Sat Nav.  The free Tom Tom the hire company let me have does get me to destinations , but is hard to read and tinny to the ear.

At the weekend the huge load bay swallowed 180kg of garage storage equipment, and lugged it home from Brighton whilst still returning over 50 mpg.

Despite a measly 115 bhp being on tap the engine never really struggles.  The lack of cruise control isn’t too bad either.

Looking at similar machines on Auto Trader I can find several with 30,000 miles on the clock for around £13,000.

Good value.

In 48 hours “my” i40 will have gone.

It has, and I’m not grieving.

The NEW car is another i40 to a higher spec, and with another 21 bhp.

TBH this one was happy cruising at 85, the lack of grunt overtaking was the only issue over our 6000 miles together.


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