Rotary Flyer

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2013 at 10:26 pm

IMG_6188Here’s yours truly showing that he can still cut the mustard. Here I’m piling on opposite lock at 40 mph whilst driving down ProDrive’s super slippery steel road surface.

That’s enough about me and my car control.

What about the car?

Truth is the RX8 is a very special car.

I can’t think of any other 4 door car that really does make the grade as a sports car, anything else is a saloon.

What’s to like?

Well apart from the fact it’s eminently practical and really can carry 4 adults in comfort it also has those natty suicide doors at the back.

It looks good, and then there’s the rev hungry rotary engine.

TBH there’s a flip to this car’s motorsport developed motor.  Torque.  It doesn’t have any, even in the 231 bhp version.

The steering’s good, and I’m blowed if I can sense chassis flex caused by the lack of a central pillar between the doors.


So how come I’ve never bought one?

I guess that’s down to me being lazy.

Drivers are encouraged to check, nee top up the oil on every other fuel stop.  I probably check my oil once a year, so the thought of fiddling with a dip-stick on a wet winter’s night just doesn’t appeal.

Then there’s the cheap red leather interior, and brittle plastic dashboard.

No matter how practical this wonderful enthusiast’s car might be the high emissions, road tax, and deplorable fuel consumption just kill my interest.

Not that I’m totally done with wankels!

I’ve a secret desire to one day own an early RX3, or maybe a Citroen Ami.  I loved my 652cc Citroen, but a decent rotary engine would have made it quite some Q car.




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