Boxster S Tiptronic

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Boxster a380

Funny how I dreamnt of owning a Porsche ever since I was about eleven years old.

Although maybe that’s not as funny as the fact that only second car I ever drove was a 356 at joint Ferrari and Porsche club meeting at Goodwood about 38 years ago.

If you read the mags, and soak the up the history there’s probably precious few marques that demand more respect.

And yet when the day came when I could afford to by a new Porsche I didn’t bother.

Was it because the car disappointed?

Not really.

It just seemed to offer very little that I didn’t get from my default choice (BMW), coupled with the fact that the dealer wouldn’t give me a good deal.

So I’ve never owned one of Stuggart’s finest.

But I have driven a few.

Here’s my friend’s old 3.2S Tiptronic.

It was nip and tuck between this and my old 335i convertible when it came to acceleration, but the car from Munich felt so much more well built it was incredible.

On these older Boxsters the manual override on the auto box was a naff button the sterring wheel, whereas the 3 series had far more satisfying flappy paddles.

But what of the Boxster?

Well it sounded great, cornered well, and had a superb ride quality.

S Bend nr Drum bridges

Maybe one day I’ll try a manual and be smitten, but I doubt it.


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