Never judge a book by ….

In BMW, Chrysler, Lancia on February 23, 2014 at 11:03 pm


My sister’s Peugeot 206 is a few weeks short of ten years old.

It has to go.

Most parts still function, but the necessary repairs will cost more than it’s worth.

We’ve been out road testing, and tyre kicking.

The next machine will (ideally) be more sporty than a 90bhp oil burner, but still has to be frugal, and hopefully still carry a decent warranty.

It could be new, but it’ll probably be lightly used.

Between us we’ve tried a VW EOS 2.0 litre with 197 bhp, a Kia Rio 1.4 derv, Mazda 2 in a snazzy aubergine colour, whilst also sitting in Hyundia i10s, i20s, and even a low mileage Renault Wind.


Yesterday I went “left field” and took out a 1.2 Chrysler Ypsilon.

I’ve never ben 100% sure of the looks, but the Fiat 500 mechanics on a little known marque might just possibly be just the job.

The boys at Horsham Car Centre were absolutely first class, knew all about the product and had the level of professionalism you’d expect from a BMW dealership.

We handed over our driving licences, and both got a decent drive in a car with just over 120 miles on the clock.

TBH the 1.2 is by no means rapid, but once up and running it does the job.

Maybe the seats were a tincy wincy bit too high, but other than it was all good.

Fantastic finish inside.  The steering wheel can adjust up and down, but but not in and out. Maybe that’s normal on a baby hatch?

Lovely leather steering wheel (nicer than the one in my 2014 BMW), funky dashboard with easy to read dials, in fact it was refreshingly different and definitely up market.


Lancia have done a good job with the design.  This car’s IS from the Fiat stable, but for some strange reason it has a yankee badge over here.

£9000 would set us up in a tasteful, economical hatch with a 60,000 mile and three year warranty.

It even has a port for the £200 Blue and Me Sat Nav, and bluetooth phone facility.

If it was my money I’d have handed over my debit card there and then.

The whole dealership and vehicle experience were first class.IMG_3763


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