Handsome Octavia re-tested

In BMW, Skoda on March 22, 2014 at 8:45 pm

HandsomeI spent two days behind the wheel of a 5 Speed Octavia 1.6 diesel last week.

What surprised me most of all was the total absence of wind noise around the door mirrors which blighted the first one I tried a few months back.

The small engine is no match for my 2.0 litre BMW unit, but after two days I think I can say I like this more than my 320 Touring!

The ride was excellent, there’s a neat readout between the instruments which means one seldom takes a wrong turning, and the stereo was better than the one in my car too.

The seats were supremely comfortable and the economy was an exact match for my company car at 51 mpg.

night skoda

Okay it was painfully slow, but once whipped up to 70 mph it was fine.

I’m left wondering if I could have saved a fortune on my company car tax bill.

Well done Skoda.


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