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Us and Them

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ForewarnedA Peugeot 208 Diesel Rental Car.

Look at that again.


Many years ago I was so broke I used to work in my holidays at Hertz Car Rentals.

Here I learnt that the truth about the Car Rental business.

Our company motto was “at Hertz we try harder”.

What were they trying?

In my experience we had too many customers, too few parking spaces, and too little time to carry out each multi-point check.

I was taught to distrust the customer.

If at all possible we would do the absolute minimum to make the car look neat and tidy.

The horrifying truth about car hire is this, Joe Public IS OUT TO PULL A FAST ONE.

I was working before digital cameras were invented, and we handed the cars over in a dark underground car park.

Indeed knocked and dented cars were returned into similarly lit surroundings at the end of each day.

The number of knocks and scrapes would surpass your biggest guess, folk are often in an unknown area, in an unknown car and bumps happen.

Years later I was accused of causing the virtual write off on a hire car I returned after hours.

Pity the pour soul who had no driving licence and was caught on a video camera playback smashing the car up not once, but twice without even possessing a licence!

So here I am today in Glasgow with a fee of over £90 to hire a baby Peugeot.

Three months ago i was paying £24 a day for a huge Hyundai i40 estate.

Mainstream rental companies probably have high overheads, but it wasn’t surprising to find my car difficult to inspect covered in rain drops on a grey day.

TBH I wasn’t sure were the damage was so I took photos.

Good job, the guy on the returns desk tried to charge me for a ding on the front wheel arch.

I had proof that it was like that when I arrived.


Glad I was forearmed.

The car?

Uncomfortable, shocking design, huge blind spots from the B Pillars, incomprehensible stereo, squeaky clutch pedal.

No wonder Peugeot have sold out to Chinese investors.

The exterior looks great, everything else is just plain awful.