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Something Smokey

In BMW on June 10, 2014 at 10:55 pm

X1 M SportHere’s my latest steer whilst the 320 Touring acquires a new rear end.

It’s not the first X1 I’ve driven, but it’s certainly the best.

This is the X Drive 2.0 Diesel M Sport auto, with Sat Nav, leather, and surprisingly for a 4 wheel drive soft roader it also features flappy paddles.

I wasn’t relishing the experience, and I’m sure it’s not as special as an X3 but somehow BMW have come up trumps with this model.

It comes in at about the same price as my 320 ED Touring (Approx £34K) but seems to give better value, perhaps that’s because it uses older “parts bin” components.

The basic chassis is from the old shape 3 series, as are the major controls in the cabin.

o-60 mph is a smidgen over 8 seconds, from the 4 cylinder unit up front.  Much like the old X3 (I’ve not tried the latest version) this thing is quite happy through twisty bends.

Being a Thrifty rental car it also comes with a strong smell of cigarettes, that’s particularly over-powering on hot days when I first hop in.

I love the sports seats, and chunky steering wheel.  These tactile extras set it apart from my boggo “Comfort Seats” and skinny steering wheel inside my 2014 320 Touring.

After about 1000 miles I’ve pushed the mpg up from 38.7 to 40.3, so I guess it must return mid forties in mixed driving.  This poor thing has only averaged 20 mph so far, and must be stuck in city traffic with most hirers.

Other stuff?

DAB radio. Nice straps in the door pockets, helpful centre split in the rear seats for carrying longer loads AND passengers.

X1 door pkt

The boot is best described as adequate, although the cubby holes under the carpet are very shallow (unlike a 3 series tourer).

It looks gawky, but I’ll be honest.  It’s much nicer than a 2014 320 Touring ED on a day to day basis.