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Common as Mc

In BMW on July 2, 2014 at 9:07 pm

IMG_20140630_091631Is this the most common car near Cranleigh?

Whilst McLaren have been struggling on track their road car division has now got a winning mentality.

Of the three hybrid supercars launched this year the P1 is the prettiest, and probably the fastest.

The one here is where the McLaren road car revival started.

It’s a 12C in a fabulous burnt orange, poodling along the A24.

The guy was driving with restraint, and lacked the yobbish behaviour that marks out most 458 drivers.

Why do so many McLarens circle around the Cranleigh area?

I’m not ┬ásure, but we’re 30 minutes from the Woking factory, and about 7 minutes from the Top Gear test track.

Back when McLaren said there were only 25 P1s on the road I reckon I’d already seen half a dozen.

One day last week I saw three 650S leave the BP petrol station at Alfold.

I wish all the owners happy motoring, but for me only the P1 hits the sweet spot from an aesthetics perspective.

All the established brands seem to lose out to Pagani, but me?

I’d be happy to just have flappy paddles on my 320 Touring (and a chassis that’s interested in corners).