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BMW 320 Touring X Drive

In BMW on August 8, 2014 at 8:47 am

X Drive18,000 miles into our relationship “my” 320 ED Tourer needed a service.

Vines of Redhill (who are actually in Salfords) quickly arranged a loan car.

I was happy to have anything other than a 3 series, as I love a bit of variety.  A  3 pot Mini would have been worth a try, but no it was a 3 series for me.

Firing the thing up I soon discovered it was a poverty spec model.

No Sat Nav.

Why would anyone neglect this on a rep-mobile?

Anyhow I was soon on the move and noticed the extra 18 bhp over my economy version.

In addition the cloth seats seemed more comfortable than my leather ones, the steering seemed more responsive.

I managed to increase the mpg up to 48, but with less than 4000 mile son the clock I guess the unit is still loosening up.

For the record my 320 ED now gives 52.7, so the four wheel drive isn’t losing much economy here.

The inside of this machine was the obligatory black, which made the machine dark and gloomy.  It also meant the boot looked 25% smaller than my Dakota Oyster.

Final impressions?

The 320 2.0 derv X Drive rides, steers, and handles way better than my numb 320 ED.  I guess the government threats on polluting oil burners will see us all return to petrol driven cars soon.

That seems like a positive step.