In BMW on March 16, 2015 at 10:14 pm

120 D M sport 5 DoorHere’s my latest steer.

It’s a 120D M Sport auto in Estoril Blue.

If I were to open the garage door you’d find an almost identical BMW inside.

2 Series

Ours is a 2013 BMW 125i M Sport with a petrol engine.

What’s particularly fascinating about these two cars is that despite the outward appearance they drive totally differently.

Whilst we have a flash set of alloys just like these they’re our Summer tyres, and not currently in use.

Thus logic would suggest our 125 should have the smoother ride, as the wheels are inch smaller and there’s a lot more rubber in the sidewalls.


Even on these rubber band Pirellis the 120D is far more cosseting over bumps and potholes.

Then there’s the power delivery.

With ample torque this thing just gets up and goes without any histrionics.  Our petrol posts better figures than this oil burner, but sounds far more frantic in the process.

Seats? Ours has heated leather. This one has unheated cloth.

The cloth ones look smarter.

Other differences concern the iDrive controls, the DAB radio has prettier graphics (but loses a signal far more frequently than our 320 or 125).

The steering wheel is a new design, better than my 3 Series standard issue, but not as sweet to hold as our 2013 M Sport.

I still love the Estoril Blue, but neither this nor our 125 has Xenon lights.  The cross country blast tonight would have been better if I could have seen more clearly.

All things considered the 2014 model year 120 D M Sport is a much better car than our 2013 125 M Sport, but the loan car makes do without flappy paddles, which is one option I’d miss if this was mine.

My verdict – 120D M Sport 5 Door – 9 out of 10

Blue two

Toodle Pip, happy motoring to you all.

ending in blue


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