One Box – Five Stars

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CharadeIn 2003 Clarkson was presenting Top Gear, and making a few pennies writing for The Times.

My teenage son spotted his report on the new Daihatsu Charade.

Days later we were at Pollitts of Exeter taking  test drive.  Minutes later we’d paid our deposit and sat back waiting for our new 53 Plate to arrive.

So what can I remember about our compact city car.

Good Points:

It had a fantastic 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine, that sounded wonderful.

Typically the c ar would return between 48 -60 mpg.  The best ever was 62 mpg, and the worst (after we’d given the car to our son was 40mpg).

The doors opened to virtually 90 degrees, creating brilliant access to the rear.

The alloy wheels, and blue metallic paint(as shown) looked good.

It was ultra-reliable (apart from requiring new driveshafts under warranty) due to a supplier fault back in Japan.

It was only £6995 plus road-tax, but it still had air-con as standard (which wasn’t that common back then).

Not so Good Points:

Leaned like a 2CV on bendy roads.

Changed lanes without warning on windy motorways.

Small boot.

Only 4 seats.

In summary this machine was great fun to drive, and made my monthly business mileage claims very profitable.

My son took it on after we upgraded, and amazingly he got a fantastic trade in offer when he bought a Suzuki Swift a few years later.

Sadly the brand has since been dropped from the UK market because of unfavourable exchange rates.

Daihatsu Charade 1.0SL 5 Door – a true FIVE STAR car.





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