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Lifeless Chinese Hatch

In MG, Uncategorized on March 11, 2016 at 9:37 pm

waves 2The wonky number plate says it all.

You’re looking at 1.5 litre MG3.

I had this as my wheels for one day whilst I was on the Isle of Man for a day.

I’d asked for the smallest hatch that was available at the rental desk.

The lady behind the desk offered me a red one or a blue one!

After getting up shortly after 5:00am I wasn’t the least interested in the colour.

Moments later I loaded my clobber inside and tried to made myself comfortable.

Within a few moments I marvelled at the “naffness” of these little Chinese hatches.

Annoying foibles?

A sun visor which utterly useless if the sun isn’t directly in front of you.

A nasty fiddly little switch to pop open the fuel cap.

The bluetooth which I simply could not pair with my phone.

Later on I began to lament the lack of an inbuilt Sat Nav.

Every time I tried to select 6th gear I was reminded that this is only available as a 5 speed machine.

The raw figures quoted suggest this is a reasonably brisk little city hatch.

The truth is it feels desperately asthmatic, and I’d be staggered if any have ever made it to sixty in just over 10 seconds.

After I’d made all my calls I decided to trace the TT roads, with a chance of going fast (there are no speed limits on the remote stretches).

Despite my best efforts I couldn’t top 75mph on the straightest of roads.

Although I did exploit the well sorted chassis as I chased a Honda S2000.

By the way the average MPG for the day was barely over 30!

VERDICT: 2 out of 5 – best suited to those who haven’t changed cars since the Morris Minor 1000 went out of production.waves 3