2016 BMW 320D Touring E D Sport

In BMW, Uncategorized on January 28, 2017 at 1:05 pm


Here it is, the 2016 BMW 320 D Efficient Dynamics, which was given to me on a  one month loan yesterday morning.

It certainly looks prettier than my dowdy 2014 320 Touring which has left my stable with over 107,000 miles on the clock.

The diamond cut alloys look the bees knees, and inside the car featured the Sports Seats that I skipped on my last company car.


So what has two and a half years of development done to the venerable rep mobile?

The back end now has a different auto boot release switch (I never did discover why mine had two buttons and only one function), and the inside sported  slightly more detailed “Business” sat nav read-out.

Theoretically I should have thought the manual gearbox would serve up a greater sense of driver involvement, but in truth I found the stick shift better than the “launch edition” I tried several years back.

The old 320 notchiness has gone, but in truth any high mileage driver like me isn’t going to enjoy tooling around the South East with an extra pedal to push every few minutes.

Having settled into the “new” car I was surprised to get an urgent phone call.

My one month tenure was curtailed before the end of the day, BMW Head Office wanted this particular machine back.

I wondered what I’d get instead.


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