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In BMW on April 25, 2017 at 9:50 pm


Fifty three days ago I picked up a new car.

I’ve had turbocharged, and twin turbocharged cars, but never thought I’d be the custodian of a hybrid.

My little BMW 225xe Luxury Active Tourer has revolutionised my motoring, and it just keeps getting better.

Studio 16

From enquiry to installation it has taken over 2 months to get a fast charger installed in our garage.

I’m no longer playing with a 3 pin plug, and waiting 4 or 5 hours to get 18 miles of renewable energy.


I’ve also beginning to understand the best driving techniques for optimum range. ¬†Initially I conserved battery life “just in case I needed full power”.

My policy of saving electric charge until the end of each day with the intention of exhausting it on the final 13-18 miles of my journey home proved ineffective.

I’d often exceed the projected range and “miss out” on up to 8 miles of whisper quiet motoring.

Using all my powers of observation, and anticipation, and keeping off motorways has seen me harvest several extra miles onto my range.

Once I delighted in high speed dashes across the west country, but now I get my kicks at a more modest pace, and feel pity for the raucous sounds made by “boy racers”.

The diminutive petrol/electric vehicle is averaging 46.2 mpg and my average speed has dropped to 34 mph.

Over 107,000 miles my 320D did 53.1 mpg (using diesel) whilst averaging over 37 mph.

Filling up with motion lotion every 600 + miles was great, but the new outfit has “maxed out” at 372 miles in the early weeks of our acquaintance.

I’m sure I’ll top 400 miles on one fill up soon, as I adopt a more subtle approach with the pedals.

It’s seems strange, but after more than 4600 miles I feel I’ve barely unlocked the secrets of this machine.

Two new discoveries were made today.  Stuck in traffic on the M25 I was able to use the iDrive to look up a potential customer on the internet!

A sign written was in the outside lane, and now have a good lead to follow up when I’m back in the office.

Then on my way back from a trip to Worthing I thought I’d check out the “fuel app”.


The iDrive app gave me a list of the fuel stations within  20 mile range, putting the cheapest at the top of my search.