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Stick or Twist?

In BMW, Renault on July 22, 2017 at 5:42 pm

BMW 125 JULY 17In the last 9 years we’ve had six BMW’s. Four have been very good, one indifferent, and one hugely disappointing.

The 125 M Sport has been with us for 4 years now, and it might be time to change.  There’s 43,000 miles on the clock, and thus far it’s been reliable.

Chopping it in may not seem logical, but we’re at the stage where it has started to cost money.   A new tyre recently set us back more than £200.

Both the front and rear bumpers have suffered buffs and bashes whilst the car has been parked. If we want to “stay together” we’d probably need an expensive warranty.

Do we stick with it for another year? Buy another new shape 1 series, or try something completely different?

The former would be quite costly, but a trade in and a moderate cash outlay could see us in something with a lengthy warranty.

I’ve ruled out the Yaris, but today we were pleasantly surprised by a Twingo GT.

There are only 10 available on Autotrader, most are bright orange.




But we drove the white demonstrator.


Which features orange detailing.


We arrived at Masters Beckenham with fairly low expectations, but the proof would be in the pudding.

Perhaps we might be surprised?

So we each took took a turn behind the wheel.


Travelling with the salesman meant that one of us ended up in the claustrophobic rear.

ClaustrophobiaThe seats remind me of those in our old Renault 12 TS, which also look like giant tomb stones.

Roz found them quite comfortable, but I’d say the seats in the seventies saloon were more supportive.

So how did it go?

Surprisingly well!  There is no auto option on this Twingo, despite the fact it’s cousin the Brabus Smart has no manual option.

Neither of us have had a manual car for years, but it wasn’t an issue.  Indeed the tactile metal gear knob, with a  very direct shift was a joy to “stir”.

In the back the turbocharged three cylinder gave off a delightful throbbing hum, encouraging upshifts.

When it was my turn I acclimatised myself with the radio (pretty good), Sat Nav (adequate) and rear parking camera (such fun).

Then I was off.

I liked it!

It felt like I was stepping back into an analogue world, my own hybrid car feels “remote” by comparison.

The cost to change is virtually nothing.

Should we stick or twist?

5 seats and a prestige badge v 4 seats in a French Box

We’ll sleep on it!

A tight turning circle, better economy, cheaper insurance v more of the same?

I’ll keep you posted.







The Curate’s Egg

In Toyota on July 20, 2017 at 10:49 pm

YarisSince taking delivery of my BMW 225xe Active Tourer I’ve grown fond of Hybrid power.

Now the warranty on our 125 M Sport has expired I’ve been looking at what we might get instead.

Put it another way.

How often do we need to go from 0-60mph in 6 seconds, or hit 150mph?

That’s right.


How often do i wish we could get more than 33 mpg from our own set of wheels?


So how about leaving our favourite brand?

Twenty years back I had a soft spot for our 2 litre Carina E Executive.

Perhaps a test drive in the funky looking Yaris might prove worthwhile?

In truth it was a mixed bag.

Lovely interior.

Superb Seats.

Silent parking.

Horrid 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine.

Hopeless range on electric power alone (5 miles max).

These hybrids are all automatic, but squeezing the pedal for acceleration merely serves up a hideous din.

Could we happily go from a 200 bhp BMW to a 100 bhp Toyota?