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Big Nose – Small Bum

In BMW, Mercedes Benz on January 13, 2018 at 7:49 pm

NOSEI’ve never been that fond of the Merecedes Benz A Class.

Highlights in previous editions where;

  1. A tendency to fall over.
  2. A fabulous concertina style large sunroof
  3. The second edition was a quantum leap from the first
  4. The Third edition became available in an AMG 45 spec, great for hooligans.

My only personal driving experience in an A Class was an auto diesel in poverty spec, back in 2013.

It was woeful through corners, and felt immensely inferior to the equivalent BMW 1 Series I drove on the same day.

Fast forward to 2018 and what can I say about 9 hours in an A Class 180 Diesel Auto?

Well actually I really liked it.

Somehow it seemed far more alert to the helm than the one I’d tried in Cornwall.

The stalk operated auto, and stalk operated cruise control were certainly better than our own BMW 125 M Sport controls.

The seats were similar in design, but more comfy than those on our Beemer.

The Sat Nav was better (although our BMW is 4 years old – newer versions are better).

Economy was good, I averaged 50 mpg, and 27 mph over three days.

The automatic handbrake system worked well.

Lovely interior, soft sumptuous leather.  Fabulous illuminated Merc door sill logos.

cill crazy

Not so good?

I found it impossible to increase the volume of phone calls even after trying every knob and setting.

Once paired the car couldn’t assimilate all my extensive contacts.

That big nose still looks ugly.  I was surprised that the rounded “bottom” isn’t that roomy when the rear hatch is popped open.

1 + A

Perhaps the biggest surprise was Citroen Ami 8 levels of gutlessness away from the line, most noticeably at roundabouts.

Once up and running the smooth 7 speed box punted the car along just fine.

I found the cup holders too high in the centre of the car, and didn’t like the removable divider.


A great car, as this model draws close to being pensioned off it could prove a canny buy if a “deal” could be done.

8 out of 10

Well done Mercedes.