I was away from my desk when someone called wanting to speak to the previous owner of a Cadillac BLS Wagon.

Michael was asked,”Why did he get rid of it so soon, was anything wrong?”

It turns out the person on the end of the line was tired of his Audi and quite fancied my last car.

My colleague laughed, saying “Why did he get rid of it so soon!?That’s one car he really liked and kept longer than most!”

Later in the day I had a call on my mobile from the same gent, “Why did you get rid of it so soon?”

The answer’s simple.  I wanted a convertible.

Using this blog I hope to write reports and aid enthusiasts with the high and lows of the cars that I’ve had the privilege to own (or look after).

Accuse me of being obsessive if you like, but i’ll refer you to Elton John.  When an incredulous Inland Revenue official queried his annual bill for flowers of over £1,000,000 he replied “I like flowers”.

“I like cars”.


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