Estoril Blue BMW 125iM Sport Auto

IMG_00000399A few months ago I decided our next car should be a 1 series BMW.

Somehow I couldn’t quite justify the extra costs associated with a full fat M135i.

Shame.  That in line six sounded fabulous.

Today we put a deposit down on it’s four pot cousin, the 125i M Sport. We also tried a 125 oil burner. The latter drove better, but lacked heated seats and looked bland in white.

So we’ll be seeing how many mpg a 218 bhp eight speed auto can return in the very near future.

I may get another crack at the 150mph barrier on a German Autobahn if I can persuade Roz across the channel.

First impressions;……..

Very comfortable, solid, and reasonable good over poor surfaces in comparison with the 320 M Sport 2010 car on our existing fleet, but just lacks that extra sparkle a 6 cylinder would bring.

Once we’ve done a few miles I’ll add a detailed report.


We’ve now added 1500 miles to the odometer.

The 125 has exceeded my expectations.

The average mpg read out keeps heading upwards.

My crude maths suggests a recent trip to Devon gave us 36 mpg.

We never ever got near that in our old 320.

The sat nav is so much better than the Tom Tom in my current hire car, and the DAB radio is sorely missed now I’m in a basic Hyundai.

Give the engine a good ragging and that 4 cylinder sounds dreadful, but in normal driving it’s so quiet it’s not a problem.

We can report one major change though.

The 17 inch M Sport wheels are in storage now, and we have naff 16″ winter wheels and tyres on instead.

I’ll be interested to see how they cope if we see any snow this year.

I’ve discovered the latest iDrive control also lets the driver read the owners manual “on screen” rather than needing to pop open the glove box.


Having given this purchase a thumbs up, and shall I say 8 out of 10 I can’t help thinking I’d rather have a 135 M Sport if I ever lose my forthcoming company car.

5000 miles on the clock

One thing I wouldn’t have expected that’s proving to be  a “niggle”is how dirty the rear screen gets.


I think it might be the blacked ou windows that accentuate the dirt.

A recent 50 mile trip on a drizzly day left the rear end so filthy I had to re-wash the car when I got home.

MPG is steadily rising, but still only shows 30.4 mpg since the car was registered.

Surely all those efficient dynamics can do better than that?

Best feature so far?

DAB radio.  I hear they’re often a bit “iffy”, not this one.

Currently tuned to UCB UK.



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