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from A to B

In Hyundai, Skoda on December 28, 2013 at 7:47 pm

IMG_00000714There was a time when I’d willingly jump behind the wheel of any car.

I’d crave the intimate knowledge which you simply can’t get from the passenger seat.

I’m older now.

Some cars were only ever intended to offer the owner the ability to get from A to B.

Unless I’ve just hiked for a day on the Cornish Coast Path I have absolutely no desire to “just get from A to B”.

Although I’d have thought the previous generation VAG Skoda would serve up something a little more than this hum drum wagon.

IMG_00000715Look at the ingredients.

VAG parts, with all the essentials being donated by the MK6 Golf.

Roomy interior, decent warranty, and glowing reviews in most owner surveys.

So are we on to a winner?

If you simply want a set of “cheap” wheels then I guess the Octavia ticks all the boxes.

Until you’ve tried something a little more expensive from the more upwardly mobile brands.

To me this vehicle merely ticks the boxes, rather than tugging my emotions.

140 BHP and a 6 sped box may return 48 + mpg, and hit the sixty dash in under 10 seconds, but am I bovvered?

Not really.

Here’s where VAG fall short.

Everything feels unpleasant, from the inert steering wheel to the awkwardly shaped gear lever, yuk.

Then there’s the torquey engine.  It might do what it says on the tin, but does it need to sound like a Massey Ferguson at idle, or John Deere under acceleration?

The only aural plus I could detect was the lack of door mirror wind noise compared to the 2013 Octavia estate I drove recently.

IMG_00000716-2So in an effort to protect my ears I tried the easy to use radio.

TINNY on this model, and don’t be fooled by the big screen.  There’s no Sat Nav lurking inside.

What did I take away as a positive?

The seats seemed comfy, and it looks inoffensive.

One things for sure, I won’t be buying one.

My current i40 tourer feels far more refined.