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Video Game or Reality?

In Europe, Hyundai on April 17, 2012 at 10:59 pm


Oh I do love a nice deserted autobahn.

Actually we were running about half a mile behind a new shape Mondeo estate, with 3 otherwise empty lanes to exploit.

Yesterday my pace was far more sedate, on roads I’ve driven umpteen times in daylight.

Except this time it was dark and it felt like I was sitting at a Playstation.

I didn’t wear out my tyres, bounce off walls, or indulge in a race.

It just felt weird to be alone on a wiggly highway with nothing but a steering wheel and the loud pedal to modulate.

And today I switched off winter tyres to summer boots, two of which set me back nigh on £300.

This 3.3 is a thirsty beast, but it rides speed humps with disdain and still ticks most boxes.  Mind you there is a nice 17,000 mile BMW 130i at Ocean which I may need to check out!